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Story Time – The Path that Lead me to Listbuilding

Before I started building my email list I was already working on a couple of online projects. I don’t recall exactly when I got started but it was around the time were people were generating a lot of revenue just by placing ads on their websites. There are services that would pay a website owner to display ads on their websites. One of the most popular one was Google Adsense. As a publisher you could sign up for an account with Google Adsense. Once approved you would place scripts on your website. These scripts would run ads that go hand in hand with the content on your website and you would receive commissions whenever a visitor would click on those advertisements. It seemed that almost everyone was talking about this on forums. I was in college at the time and needed to generate income so that I could pay my way through. I purchased a course that explained how I could build a website and place ads on them so that I too could start collecting income online. There was naturally a learning curve. It wasn’t easy back then to have a website built. You had to purchase different kinds of software and jump through hoops before you could publish a website. The recommendation was to build a farm of niche websites and to periodically publish a few articles on them so that they would rank on the major search engines. Niche Website Farm Results I set out to build… Read More »Story Time – The Path that Lead me to Listbuilding

How I Earned $11,544 On Fiverr, the World’s Largest Outsourcing Gig Marketplace

Fiverr is a global digital marketplace that now currently has three million services with a trademark of $5 gig. As a pioneer of the gig economy, Fiverr has now evolved from one to millions of users who now rely on their incomes from the platform.

The various services range from virtual services like creating social backlinks and press releases to actual physical products like customized sculptures and special party soaps!

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