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Offer Promotion Blueprint

My Offer Promotion Blueprint # 4: Your Two Main Pages

On step 3 of the offer promotion blueprint I explained what an autoresponder is and why it’s an important tool to have. Once you’ve acquired an autoresponder, you need a place to put it so that you can start collecting email addresses. I place my autoresponder code on a page called a squeeze page which is also known as a landing page. A squeeze page main purpose is to collect information from the visitor. In general the information collected is the name and email address. Many make the mistake to send traffic directly to a sales page or an offer page. It’s highly recommended for a marketer to at least have a sign in sheet of whoever is interested in what you have to offer and in most cases, you stand to make more money by sending the majority of your traffic to a squeeze page. What goes on a squeeze page? In order to have a high converting squeeze page, you need an attention grabbing headline. Something that will catch the attention of the visitor. Then the next thing to include would be benefits which briefly explains exactly what the visitor wants. After the attention grabbing headline and pointing out some benefits you want to include a call to action, usually where you tell the visitor what the next step should be and finally an opt-in form. The opt-in form is your autoresponder code. I use aweber to get that code and then paste it on the squeeze page.… Read More »My Offer Promotion Blueprint # 4: Your Two Main Pages

Recap Making Sure You Have All Your Gears In Place

Buying A solo Ad. Before purchasing a solo ad let’s do a quick recap on what’s needed before hand. It’s imperative to have all these pieces put together in order to run an advertising campaign. Overwise you’re just wasting time and money. I’m pretty sure that’s something you wouldn’t want to do. So before you drive any traffic to your offer you must have 1. A good offer to promote. To build a succesful business, you should by no means promote an offer that only gives you $7 or even $20 per commission. I would rather have my efforts give me more bang for my buck. If I’m going to purchase traffic and know that it will cost me an average of $50 to purchase 100 clicks, I would rather take a chance at getting commissions that would potentially get me a higher return on my investment. When I used to work in a restaurant we would have promotions. We pay for this promotion and offer an entrée at a discount. This was done to attract customers and we knew the offer was good for the customer but not necessarily for the restaurant. We are spending money to get “cheap” customers so in order to recover our investment we would up sell the customer with: appetizers, drinks (alcohol the more the better hehe), dessert and something to have them come back another day to buy even more. I understood how powerful this strategy is. So if I see an offer… Read More »Recap Making Sure You Have All Your Gears In Place

Aweber – A Tool I Use Every Day

Aweber is the tool I use to manage my subscribers list. When someone comes to my website looking and is in search of additional information I ask them to give me an email address so that I can send it. Aweber helps me do that. Now this tool is also called an autoresponder. I will be using that term a lot. So when you see autoresponder just remember that I’m referring to my Aweber account. Is this tool necessary? No question about it. In order to run a business you need clients and when you have clients you need a method to communicate with your clients. That way you send them promotions, coupons, greeting cards etc… Aweber is great at ethically fulfilling that means of communication. The great this about this tool is that although it’s necessary and a powerful tool, it’s not expensive at all and they do provide a 30 day free trial. I shot a brief video showing how to create a new list and how to gather the code to place on webpage in order to collect email addresses.  If you don’t have Aweber yet you can take advantage of their 30 day free trial here: Get 30 Free Days Of Aweber

My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2a: Because It’s Important

This post will raise a few eyebrows and not everyone will agree with me but if you think like an entrepreneur or stay open-minded you will understand my approach and why the offer you choose to promote should follow this example. If you watched my case study with David Dekel, you’ll understand that at the time of writing this I’m still relatively new to this method but I’m learning as I go. After the consultation with David, he explained the importance of continuity in a business. This makes sense if you take a look at the businesses surrounding you, they have a similar business model that I’m about to explain. Let’s take a restaurant for example. A full course meal will consist of: an appetizer a beverage or more for the ones that like to drink the entrée (that comes with a range of different prices, including specials that are created in an attractive matter that would entice you to purchase it desert (the typical up sale) Chances are that this same restaurant has implemented ways to keep you coming back in the form of coupons, or special discounts.   So What does a restaurant have to do with this? Think of what you’re going to promote, as your restaurant. People go to a restaurant for a need to eat and a such people will come to your offer also as a necessity but your offer or product whatever you want to call it should bring value to the customer,… Read More »My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2a: Because It’s Important

My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2: What Offer to Promote

Alright so we’re ready to get started. Making money online is an easy thing once you have put all the right pieces in place. Don’t take the word “easy” too literally because the slightest mistake can cost you a lot of money. This has happened to me plenty of times and is still happening as I’m still a student in this business, but these mistakes I made, were valuable lessons. Lessons that taught me what not to do and the tools to use in order to have a successful campaign. My goal is to find systems that convert well and generate enough income in a somewhat predictable way. I treat this like a real business and I suggest you do the same as well. So let’s get started with the first step FINDING A GOOD OFFER TO PROMOTE There are plenty of offers out there that work, and there are plenty others that do not but are very appealing. You get sucked in and lose all your money. I made a conscious decision to make things easier for me to see proof of income from someone, and see the content of an offer before deciding if it’s worth my time and investment. I believe this is the most important part of the process. I market offers in order to make money, not to make the product owner money. Now “experts” will give you a lesson on how to find a profitable niche to promote but I say forget that. Show… Read More »My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2: What Offer to Promote

My Offer Promotion Blueprint

I’ve recently figured out a way to promote other people’s offers online as an affiliate marketer,  and the strategies used are responsible for the earnings I’ve acquired with my side hustle.  Now before I continue I just want to accentuate the fact that the way I’m doing this is not free. This doesn’t mean that what I share below cannot be done with free marketing channels. I just find that results are obtained much faster, when you can acquire a lot of eyeballs, or in the world of online marketing, the attention you get from the eyeballs is usually referred to as traffic. The strategy I share below is completed with the assistance of purchased traffic. The purpose of this article is to show you, one of the methods I currently use to promote offers as an affiliate.  Hopefully, you will be able to follow along and repeat the same process if you find a link to it. This is a strategy that can be implemented in a few days and you need to set a budget. I will try my best to write down every single step. Before we get started you should probably have the appropriate mindset so I recommend you click this link and watch the video at the end of that post. Quick Disclaimer There is a multitude of strategies that can be used to achieve the same goal. There is a saying my father used to tell me a lot in my younger days: “There… Read More »My Offer Promotion Blueprint

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