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61.5 Optin Rate and 279 New Subscribers

  At the time of writing this post my main source of traffic is solo ads. So I thought it would be great to post some results on my blog once in a while. This way my results will be public, and it will hopefully help me get a little organized and focused on improving my results as well as the current funnel. In an earlier post I explained how I was experimenting with the creation of a funnel. This process is a little harder than I originally expected as I’ve ended up creating over twenty different links and webpages to direct traffic through one funnel. I will share the stats of that funnel soon. I’m also working on entirely different funnel. The plan with the second funnel is to have it indoctrinate my leads and build a better relationship with them. The focus will be to provide as much value as possible. Although this second funnel is not quite ready yet It’s already making a few sales and my clients so far are happy with the content within. Today I’m going over the results of one traffic campaign that yielded great results. In this campaign I purchased a solo ad  for 500 visitors. I went to one of my trusted solo vendors to secure this campaign. The results are below:   The Results   Out of 500 clicks the vendor delivered 540 all tier 1 clicks. Tier 1 traffic is traffic from the major English-speaking countries. 527 of those… Read More »61.5 Optin Rate and 279 New Subscribers

Listbuilding + How to break even when you purchase solo ads

I’ve been slowly working in my lab and since my last post on here I’ve created three different sales funnel. My objective is to make all of them work in a way that they become autonomous or should I say self funded. In other words I want the funnels to be treated as three different stores that constantly generate income without me putting too much effort into it. What I’ve learned: Creating a funnel takes a lot of work and planning. I had no idea the amount of extensive work is involved in creating a sales funnel with different vital components. First you need to think of a lead magnet that is good enough to use. Once you decide on the lead magnet to use you then have to create a squeeze page. Creating a squeeze page does not take long but making it work in a funnel with ever-moving parts can become a pain. I split test every aspect of the funnels so that means I have to create several versions of my funnel pages including all the up-sells as well as the exit links that lead to other squeeze pages. In all I would have to say that creating one sales funnel cost me about 5 hours of my time. Although the funnels are live right now and there is traffic going to them, they are not yet complete as there are more components to add as well as pages and concepts to improve. In all my time… Read More »Listbuilding + How to break even when you purchase solo ads

Solo Ads, What Are They?

Solo Ads, is a very effective way to do provide or receive email advertising. You know I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “the money is in the list”  and every serious marketer should build a list. There are many reasons why you should build a list but one of the most important reasons is to be able to promote an offer to that list. You would promote a specific offer that you believe will benefit your list by means of sending them an email explaining the benefits to your promotion and why you think they need it. When I have an offer that I’m ready to promote, I simply contact one of my preferred solo ads sellers vendors and purchase a round of visitors. You should keep in mind that advertisement is the lifeblood of your visitors. If you don’t have visitors to your offer your chances of making sales are slim and the same goes to having a restaurant and not receiving any customers. No customers mean no sales and that means you can’t pay your bills. We don’t want that do we? Unfortunately not all solo ad vendors are created equal. I’ve purchased solo ads that failed miserably and others that were winners. Think about buying a solo ad as an advertising campaign. You want to keep track of your numbers. Here’s a simple example. Let’s say that when you sell your offer or promote one as an affiliate you’re expected to make $20 in commissions for every sale.… Read More »Solo Ads, What Are They?

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