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My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2: What Offer to Promote

Alright so we’re ready to get started. Making money online is an easy thing once you have put all the right pieces in place. Don’t take the word “easy” too literally because the slightest mistake can cost you a lot of money. This has happened to me plenty of times and is still happening as I’m still a student in this business, but these mistakes I made, were valuable lessons. Lessons that taught me what not to do and the tools to use in order to have a successful campaign. My goal is to find systems that convert well and generate enough income in a somewhat predictable way. I treat this like a real business and I suggest you do the same as well. So let’s get started with the first step


There are plenty of offers out there that work, and there are plenty others that do not but are very appealing. You get sucked in and lose all your money. I made a conscious decision to make things easier for me to see proof of income from someone, and see the content of an offer before deciding if it’s worth my time and investment. I believe this is the most important part of the process. I market offers in order to make money, not to make the product owner money. Now “experts” will give you a lesson on how to find a profitable niche to promote but I say forget that. Show me what’s working right now and show me how to duplicate it so I can start seeing cash from my efforts. Here is a list of things I look for in a system:

  1. It must have made money to someone I know, or someone able to show me that it makes money I need real proof, not screenshots.
  2. It must be simple to follow. Time is expensive and I’d rather devote it to something worthwhile
  3. A turnkey system or a ready-made system. I don’t want to take the extra time to build something new.
  4. A system that works well and is simple to follow
  5. A system that converts visitors into buyers without me having to call or actively convince someone to buy
  6. A system that actually teaches you what is currently working online TODAY!
  7. A system that is set up in a way that you can make commissions Immediately
  8. An added bonus – A system that will make you residual commissions (month after month)

I can add more criteria but I believe this is a good start. I am not falling for any system that someone will promote to me in hopes of making a commission. I had a slow start in this business and with what I’ve learned I know how to handle the many emails I receive on a consistent basis. I was trying a million things at once and was very successful at failing consistently at everything I tried. Then I switched my mindset. Find something good, with proof that it works and just focus on it until I make it work for myself.In this series I’ll chose one offer and show you how I would promote it. I encourage you to follow along with me and give me advice if you have any, I’m all ears. Your advice can help not only me but all the readers of this post. So before I end this post the offer I will refer to in the series is Lead Lightning (affiliate link: That means i get a commission if you sign up and upgrade). This product fits the 8 criteria listed above. I encourage you to take a look at the offer. I’ll see you on the next post.

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