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My Offer Promotion Blueprint #2a: Because It’s Important

This post will raise a few eyebrows and not everyone will agree with me but if you think like an entrepreneur or stay open-minded you will understand my approach and why the offer you choose to promote should follow this example.

If you watched my case study with David Dekel, you'll understand that at the time of writing this I'm still relatively new to this method but I'm learning as I go. After the consultation with David, he explained the importance of continuity in a business. This makes sense if you take a look at the businesses surrounding you, they have a similar business model that I'm about to explain. Let's take a restaurant for example.

A full course meal will consist of:

  • an appetizer
  • a beverage or more for the ones that like to drink
  • the entrée (that comes with a range of different prices, including specials that are created in an attractive matter that would entice you to purchase it
  • desert (the typical up sale)

Chances are that this same restaurant has implemented ways to keep you coming back in the form of coupons, or special discounts.


So What does a restaurant have to do with this?

Think of what you're going to promote, as your restaurant. People go to a restaurant for a need to eat and a such people will come to your offer also as a necessity but your offer or product whatever you want to call it should bring value to the customer, the better the value (the better the food tastes), the better chances you have at seeing your customer more often than just once. If your product is going to be your restaurant, why should you focus on selling just one thing? You should provide a variety of items to satisfy your clients needs. Is there a place that only sells french fries and nothing else? I highly doubt it so with that thought you should not focus on just one product.

Alright enough with my silly analogies and explanations, I just wanted to explain the concept in a way that you would understand. I'm not going to talk about the offer I was promoting at the time because it was a custom product and it would take too long to explain. The good news is that you don't need a custom product to achieve the same goal. There are plenty of programs out there that fit the same mold. One of them being Lead lightning in conjunction with the power lead system.

I will be honest here, if you have some experience marketing online this offer will appear mundane because you will not be learning anything new. My original impressions with this system were not so good because of my experience online but then I thought this would be perfect for someone who is new to the industry but what I found most interesting is the compensation plan. To be frank, it's not as good as owning your own product but it's still a very attractive offer. Let me explain by showing you the marketing funnel of this recruitment based system. Yes it's a recruitment based system, you need to refer other people in order to make an income. It's very similar to a mlm but this system provides a lot of value.

The Regular Membership Price ($7)

This is the front end of the funnel and I believe that when you purchase this offer you are given a done for you website you can use to promote with your own affiliate link. This one time payment of $7 gives you the opportunity to earn $6 for every person you refer.

From my experience, offers with lower price points are great for sales and commissions. It's easier for someone to purchase something at $7 then it is for $47, $97 or more. So my initial thought when reading this is that for every 100 targeted visitors I send to this offer I stand a chance to make a minimum of 1 to 3 sales. These numbers are based on my previous results. Also I believe the industry's average is between 1 to 3% of all visitors are buyers. So that would mean that you get could earn between $6 to $18 for every 100 visitors you send.

The Silver Membership Price ($29.97/month)

This silver membership comes with more features. With this level you gain access to Internet marketing videos, and regular webinars. You “unlock” a new membership level that allows you to promote this system as an affiliate and make $15 a month from the people you recruit into this program. If your recruit is has a basic level ($7) and just so happens to recruit someone who upgrades to the silver membership, the commission will pass up to you.

My thinking with this is that if I get one person at this level I should expect to receive $15/month from that person for an average period 3 months (I think this is an industry average but I have no documentation to back this up). So one of the scenarios following this plan would be:

100 visitors => 3 Regular Memberships => 1 Silver Membership

Commissions would be roughly 3 x ($6) + $15 x (3 months ) = $63 In order for me to have a winning campaign my cost to acquire 100 visitors should be less than $63.

The Gold Membership Price ($53.97/month)

This level unlocks even more educational resources that I think are beneficial to the customer. Also like the plan above it, this allows you to earn and additional $20/month for gold members.

Using the math above, a scenario would be 3 x ($6) + $20 x (3 months) = $78 This is even better.

Diamond Membership Price (One Time Payment of $147)

Each sale of Diamond membership generates $100. That's a nice chump of change and at the time of writing this I've missed out on 2 Diamond sales. That's $200 I could have used to acquire more advertising. So I would recommend that you get the level you can afford as soon as you can so that you don't lose any unnecessary commissions.

Platinum Membership (One Time Payment of $497)

This earns you a commission of $400  whenever you sponsor someone who upgrades to that level. That gives you more that you can keep in your pocket and or reinvest in advertising your business.


Here's a video to fully explain the compensation plan


Click Here To Gain Access To This Program

If you believe this system is not good fit for you then no worries. The beauty with this niche is that there's a plethora of offers to choose from but you should choose one that is proven to work and converts well. I like this offer because it comes with tools that you need as a marketer that you would have to purchase. If you're just getting started you can save a lot of money by just sticking to this offer.

See you on the next post



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