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About our affiliate program

Thank you for considering partnering with us. We help entrepreneurs and small businesses generate leads and sales.

As a business, we understand the importance of generating leads and we offer an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by promoting our highly converting landing page to your audience.

We offer 100% commissions on the front-end offer and additional opportunities for commissions throughout the sales funnel.

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How we help you succeed

Here are just a few ways we make it easy for you to promote our offer and earn commissions.




Dedicated affiliate support team

Get quick answers to any affiliate program-related questions so you’re always equipped with the right information.

Swipe copy

Not sure what to say? Let us say it for you. We provide you with an email copy to help you promote this offer.

Periodic special promotions

Throughout the year, we'll provide you with special promotion opportunities you can share with your audience.

What makes this Offer easy to promote?

A simple, easy-to-use platform

No technical skill is required. There are but a few steps to complete.

1. Obtain your unique link.

2. Promote your unique link.

Don't know how to promote? No worries we have resources ready for you to use.


This offer and website don't just look good. This is designed to get results.

All our templates are tested for conversions. So your promotion efforts will be complemented by high converting marketing mechanisms put in place to put your prospect at ease, understand the scenario and engage by making a purchase.

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How to get started

Step #1: Click the button below and fill out the form. We typically approve applications within two business days.  

  • Step #2: Look for our approval message and our new affiliate email series to help you get the most out of the program.  

You can promote our offer to your audience as an affiliate and earn a commission on each sale.

However, we highly recommend you also consider purchasing the offer for your business needs.

While it is not a requirement, we have found that affiliates who use the product themselves tend to earn two times more revenue on average.

This is because they better understand the product's benefits and can speak from personal experience when promoting it to their audience.

Additionally, using the product can give you valuable insights into how to best market and sell it, ultimately leading to even higher revenue.

So, if you want to maximize your earnings as an affiliate, we highly encourage you to consider purchasing the offer for your business use.


Have questions? We have answers.

Who can apply to the program?

Our affiliate program is open to anyone who agrees to our terms and conditions.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn? 

Nope. You’re free to earn as much as you can.

Do I need to be a customer?

No, you don’t. But, affiliates who are customers earn about 2X more commissions on average. This isn’t surprising, as the more you know the product the better you are at promoting it.

How do you support affiliates?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to get out there and promote this offer. So, we have a dedicated affiliate support team to answer all your questions. We also provide you with content and resources to make promoting easy.

How do you track conversions?  

Conversions are tracked through your referral link provided by our affiliate tracking software, JVZOO, the #1 affiliate platform for affiliate marketers.

How long is your cookie life?  

We currently offer a 90-day cookie life. If your referral makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking your link (without clicking someone else's link), you're the affiliate of record. You’ll continue to receive commissions until they end their membership.

What is JvZoo? 

JvZoo is the platform we use to manage all our affiliates and their referrals.

How do I promote this Offer?

We provide you with a unique referral link to share with your audience.

You can also use a number of ready-to-go ads, or create your own links that point to this offer.

Here are just a few strategies our current partners are using to increase their commissions:

Promote via Email Marketing

Don’t know what to write to your in your email campaign? No worries we have hand crafted a number of emails that you can use today to start promoting this offer.

Drive traffic to this Offer

The more hungry prospects see this offer the more opportunities you have to make commissions. We show our customers how to drive traffic to their offers. Join the program to learn more. © 2024 All rights reserved | Legal Information

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