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Traffic Monsoon Review And Case Study

There is a lot of buzz about Traffic Monsoon these days and you’ve probably heard of it. Chances are that by now you have seen screenshots of revenue proof, or heard outrageous claims that if you join Traffic Monsoon you can quit your job and make money online. While that is outrageous I can confirm that you can use it to generate a revenue online.

So Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

Judging from my own experience I would have to say no. So what exactly is this bizarre website?

In short it’s an advertising network which has a revenue sharing component to it. So a lot of people think it is a scam. I think that if it was, it would have been shutdown by now.

I’ve personally generated some revenue from it and at the time of writing this post I hear they are in the process of establishing their own credit card company which I think is great and it speaks volumes for their success. The basis of this company is to help people advertise their websites through the means of banners. They have created a network where one can place their banner ads to attract visitors to their website. There are two ways of doing this, one is free and the other is paid. You get more value by paying to get your visitors. I will go into more details later. The most attractive part of this service is that as a member you get paid simply by clicking on ads.

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In all honesty this service is nothing more than a revenue sharing program. Once you become a member and want to take advantage of this revenue sharing program, you would simply have to contribute to a pool. After a predetermined period of time, and after you have accomplished the minimum requirement as a “paid” member then you become eligible to share in the profits from everyone’s investment. I have been a member for some time now and I believe (since I have not been proven otherwise), that as long as you complete your minimum requirement of clicking 10 ads a day you stand to earn about 110% of your ad buy. Don’t worry I’ll explain this later in this post. You just need to understand that advertising is their main concept.

What do I think of it?

I think the attractive thing about this company is the fact that no matter what people will always look for means to drive traffic to their website. Think of a website as a car. Everyone wants a car, and everyone that has a car needs fuel in order to turn on the engine which would then help them reach a destination. I think TMonsoon (Traffic Monsoon) has the potential to be an evergreen system because people will always be in need of traffic. As an affiliate marketer I’d rather promote something that stands a chance at being around over a long period of time and Tmonsoon seems to fit with my goals.

As an advertiser I realize that it’s harder to convince someone to spend money on something that will potentially help them make some commissions online and this is due to the fact that there are a lot of scams out there and honestly not everyone has the necessary budget to invest in an online venture. Understanding that as long as you complete the minimum requirement of clicking 10 ads a day you will never lose money. If you don’t have any money to invest that’s also fine because you can still use Tmonsoon’s services as a free user and earn without making any investments. This approach takes longer but there are plenty of people who do this successfully.

Why I Joined Traffic Monsoon?

I was introduced to this system by a friend. He insisted that I join and pay close attention to it. At the time he explained that it’s a fairly new company that was growing very quickly.

Now as a list builder and affiliate marketer, I buy a lot of traffic and as a result get a lot of people contacting me to say the exact same thing my friend said to me. Their main goal is to leverage my resources to help grow their network. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, you just have to show me your numbers so that can help me arrive to the decision whether it’s an opportunity I should spend my time an effort on.

Naturally I was very skeptical but my friend kept reminding me every time he had a chance to. So before joining I asked questions, did some research and asked for his proof of commissions. So we got on Skype and I watched him log into his account and I saw $10,000 and this is how I realized he was serious. I asked him how he was making his earnings and I did not expect he would respond by saying:

Basically, you log into your system, click 10 ads a day and receive your commissions. But you have to buy an ad pack first which costs $50. The simple math is that for every $50 you put in you make $55 by clicking 10 ads a day and it takes you less than 5 minutes a day to do it

I researched this a bit more by logging checking out reviews and groups online to find to my surprise that people were indeed earning similar results. Knowing my chances of losing money are quite slim I started with one adpack at $50 and I gradually reinvested my earnings. To this day I purchased $457.98 f my own money into buying adpacks. The screenshot below will show you my current commissions.

Traffic Monsoon Income 1784.74

Now here is what my friend sees when he logs into his account…

Traffic Monsoon Income $46180.43

Results are of course not typical. This is the fruition of our own efforts and these images by no means guarantee you will have the same results. I provided these screenshots to show some proof that this review is in fact based on real results, my own and my friend’s who introduced me to Tmonsoon.

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How Do You Earn With Traffic Monsoon?

There are three different ways that I can think of that help you earn commissions.

  1. Cash Links – For Free Users

This option is for those that take the free route and continue with a free status in TMonsoon. Free members get to see and click on 10 or more paid to click ads. Every time you click on these ads you stand to make commissions between $0.01 t0 $0.02. You click the buttons in your membership area, watch the ad for a few seconds and collect the commissions. Traffic Monsoon Cash Links

As a free member of Tmonsoon you can get free website visitors by surfing the websites posted within the network. The ratio for this is 2:1 meaning you get one free visitor to your website for every two websites you visit within the network.

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2. Revenue Sharing – For Paid Members

This is what my friend recommended I do and it’s exactly what I’ve started doing. To be honest I was very lazy when I got started and forgot to do the minimum requirement of surfing 10 ads a day. Truthfully speaking at the very beginning I really didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Revenue sharing is how you earn from buying ad packs. In order to be eligible to earn some money this way you have to purchased an adpack at the price of $50. This gives you 1,000 ad credits as well as 20 guaranteed banner clicks. I honestly do not focus on anything else but this. I know there is a lot more you can do with Tmonsoon but I thought revenue sharing should be my main point of focus.

When you purchase an adpack you have the potential to earn commissions on an hourly basis from the daily cash pool. Everyone who has an active ad pack is entered into a pool and as long as you surf 10 ads a day you earn a shared revenue that same day with he other members who also purchased or have an active ad pack. It is my understanding that you stand to earn up to 110% of your purchase. In other words if you

  • spend $50 you should be able to earn up to $55 from the revenue share plus free advertising to your website
  • spend $100 you get $110
  • spend $1000 you get $1100 plus free advertising to your website

When you earn your commission you can send them to your account, or you can reinvest it into purchasing more ad packs. This is what I do, I have yet to cash out my commissions because I use them to buy more adpacks. When you buy an adpack and click 10 ads a day your adpack stays active over a certain period of time. After which it will expire. My understanding is that you earn up to $1 a day with an active ad pack. So that means every time you spend money on an ad pack you will recover it in about 55 days.

Now you might think this is a long time and frankly it is, but consider this. What happens to your money when you deposit $50 in your bank account? Chances are nothing, you will actually end up losing money from bank and transaction fees and if your bank give you a return on your deposit I highly doubt you will receive 110% commission. So the question now is what do you do? Should you place your money in our bank’s saving account and let is deteriorate over time or would you rather have your money work for you and earn you commissions like clockwork?

 Let’s have a little it of fun with numbers here:
If you want to make $1 a day over a period of 55 days you should buy 1 adpack for $50 and click 10 ads a day.
If you want to make $100 a day over a period of 55 days, you should buy 100 adpacks at $500 and click 10 ads a day.
If you want to make $1000 a day over a period of 55 days, you should buy 1000 adpacks at $5000 and click 10 ads a day.
If you purchased 100 adpacks after 55 days you earn $550 that you can use to buy more adpacks do you see the growth potential?
Is this even possible? Yes plenty of people are currently earning this much or even more in Traffic Monsoon on a daily basis.

3. Kickback – Referral Commissions

Like many services out there Tmonsoon also offers a referral program. If you refer a person you will receive a 10 % commission on the person’s ad spend. It matters not if the person has a paid or free membership. Every time your referral makes a transaction you make a 10 % commission.

If I am your referral and decide to purchase 100 adpacks you will earn 10% of every ad pack. Remember one adpack costs $50 and 10% of that is $5. If i buy 100 adpacks your commissions then are 100 x 5 = $500. You will earn this every time I repurchase 100 adpacks. That is pretty cool I think because you can reinvest your affiliate commissions in acquiring more adpacks or you can simply take it out of your account and do whatever you’d like with it.

This concludes my review and small case study of Traffic Monsoon. If you found this post useful feel free to share it on your favorite social media channel.

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