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Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Free: Holiday Web Design templates

It’s that time of the year again. Holidays are known to be busy times for everyone. It’s the holiday season and businesses all other the world are getting ready for an opportunity to boost their sales.

There is plenty to do, lots of planning to do, ordering in advance if you’re a retail store, other purchases to make for friends, family perhaps your business if you have one, gifts to wrap, goodies to make, etc…

12 Ways to Build Your Email List For Free

You’re on the right page if you’re interested in knowing how to build an email list for free and get it done the right way and fast. 

I’m sure that you’ve heard at least once that you need an email list. As an internet marketer, I have heard the expression “The money is in the list” or variations of that expression numerous times.

15 Top Small Business Ideas

So you’re thinking about starting an online business but just don’t know where to start, maybe you’re looking for the right idea to try.

Well, you’re in luck because this article is a collection of a number of small business ideas that are worth a try and are known to have helped people earn a living strictly from home via the comfort of remote work.

starting a business comes with a number of challenges as well as perks that most people find very enticing.

Leadpages Log In

Are you looking for how to Log in to your LeadPages account? Follow the steps below to sign in to your LeadPages account so that you can start building beautiful professional-looking pages for your business or your clients. Step 1.: Open your favorite Web browser of choice.      … Read More »Leadpages Log In

How to Build a Website For Your Small Business

Times are ever-changing, and with the great resignation, people find themselves with ample time to come up with different ideas to make a living by becoming an entrepreneur.

Current technology can be leveraged to test a proof of a concept without necessarily going through all the hassles of establishing a conventional business.

Discovering Your Target Audience

Discovering Your Target Audience - Your Customer Avatar

This path involves first building a minimum viable audience (MVA), by writing content that speaks to my target audience.

After reaching an audience size of about 2,000, I should have a better understanding of:

who they are
what they like
what problems they have and
what solutions they need.

The focus is to serve my audience by providing the most useful information possible.

How to Build A Minimum Viable Audience

How to Build A Minimal Viable Audience

A minimum viable audience (MVA) is the smallest group of people that a business or organization needs to engage with in order to validate its product or service and begin generating revenue. The MVA is typically defined by the number of customers, users, or subscribers that a business needs in order to be sustainable and profitable. This can vary widely depending on the type of business or product, but it is often considered the minimum threshold for success.

Climbing Up the Ladder: The Road to Building a 7 Figure Business by Building a $7k per Month Business

This is a rather long title but I have to confess it is influenced by a podcast I listened to. The podcast was a recording of a  conversation between Pat Flynn and Clay Collins where Clay shared his origin story of how he built a great company… ….and he shares… Read More »Climbing Up the Ladder: The Road to Building a 7 Figure Business by Building a $7k per Month Business

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