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I’m Zoul Pio and welcome to The Digital Income. This section will give you an insight of who I am and why I created this blog.
I’m an internet entrepreneur, father, husband and fitness enthusiast with a drive to find ways to better myself and to give back as much as I can to whomever is willing to read this blog.

I began my online journey in 2002 at the age 18 and have since been obsessed with learning and growing in all areas of life. I’ve been involved in a multitude of projects and learned quite a bit.
I currently work full-time for a non-profit organization and I work on my online business at night and weekends when time permits. I’m currently still trying to figure out how to balance family life, work and my side hustle which I do over the internet.
We all have our reasons to pursue side income. It could be to:

• Pay off monthly bills
• Pay off debts
• Get more free time with friends and family
• Escape the rat race
• Save for a rainy day etc…

Whatever your reason is, it’s possible to earn a side income online, I’ve done it and you can too. I plan to go over my successes, failures and even share some successes from other entrepreneurs.

I’m a pretty random guy so here are a few things about me:

1. I can hold a conversation in English, French, Spanish and even Spanglish 🙂
2. I’m a father of 3 and soon to be 4
3. I love a variety of music and hope that one day I will be granted with an awesome singing voice.
4. Although you may see videos of me or read my blog, I’m a serious introvert
5. I can make a hand tossed pizza like a true Italian
6. I once accidentally stapled my left index finger and did it a second while trying to figure out how it happened.
7. Pop culture is not my forte, I swear you’ll be shocked at how little I know
8. Batman in my eyes is 100 times better than superman but if I were to play a role in Hollywood I think the role of Blade is perfect for moi
9. I think a lot better than I can speak and it’s very frustrating because my dyslexia makes writing very challenging

Why I write this blog

At the time of writing this my last venture consisted of me selling a course teaching how to build an email list while selling an informational product. Although I was generating an acceptable income online I wasn’t really providing value and it didn’t sit well with me.
We all have our challenges in life. Mine was mostly going through the struggle of funding my goal to graduate with a double major as an undocumented student. This meant not being eligible for grants, financial aid, scholarships and even the permission to work and make an honest living.
Challenges will always be there and it’s my honest opinion that certain finances should not control our lives. We should be able to find ways to have self-sufficient life. Meaning we should not have to worry about our essential expenses.
The goal of this blog is to help myself along with you the reader, utilize contemporary side hustle methods that will take care of our monthly bills.