The Pursuit of Passive Income

Many of us dream of leaving our day job. Some us go on and let our careers dictate how we live our lives and others go above and beyond all obstacles to get to the point where they can decide when they can leave their day job for good.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there are plenty of people just like you and me who achieve this goal through entrepreneurship. I remember how I was instantly drawn in the first time I saw the show Shark tank.

There are many entrepreneurs who have an idea and take action and are able to realize their dreams.  We know there are plenty of opportunities and ideas out there for us to embrace.

My curiosity and stubbornness have led me to getting a taste of the world of selling products on the internet and I kind of like it. I plan to get myself fully immersed and will document my experiences through the help of this blog.

Realizing what’s Possible

When I first turned to the internet  for extra income, it was just for the sole purpose to help pay for my college tuition. At the time I worked in a Pizza restaurant.

To run this restaurant, you would have to arrive at 8 or 8:30 am, to turn on the oven, prepare the kitchen, replenish items that need to be replenished, check the inventory etc… all to open the restaurant at 10:00 am.

The restaurant operated until 9:00 pm and you would then have to stay late so you can clean up and finish the daily paperwork.

During the time the restaurant is opened many clients come in and purchase something to eat. It could be a sub, a salad or a pizza. The restaurant operates on a daily basis for about 11 hours but you would actually spend between 12 to 13 hours there in total.

The restaurant although lucrative really takes a lot of your personal time to operate. Many restaurant owners may rejoice in the fact that they don’t have a 9 to 5 but the lifestyle of a restaurant owner can be very time-consuming.

Now imagine you ventured to the internet to sell the recipe of one of the most popular dishes or maybe a video explaining how to make a pizza from step A to step Z. You buy a website on which you sell your product.

Now the first thing to note here is that your online store is now opened 24 hours a day and is accessible to the entire globe. People from different continents, different cultures and different taste buds can find you and enjoy your recipe.

There are a lot of people on the internet, anyone who has a computer or cellphone can get on the internet. Even when you’re asleep someone from another time zone, a different continent or maybe even your neighbor can get on your website and buy what it is you are selling.

That’s just the amazing power of the internet.

Now here’s the fun part. The cost of building your internet store is very minimal compared to a traditional brick and mortar store. Your clients can come in anytime of the day or night, because your store is being run automatically.

Your margins for profit have drastically increased because now you earn 100% of the sale, you don’t have to be there physically. On top of all that your rent is virtually nonexistent.

Why Should You Pursue Passive Digital Income

When you earn a paycheck the value of that check is directly proportional to the amount of time you physically work. On the other end of the spectrum  you can earn passive income non stop as long as the business is running and your clients are buying from you.

You can initially invest a lot of time to get your online business going but once you have it running your online store will convert prospects into buyers while you do little or next to nothing .

You can scale up as much as you’d like and at an exponentially fast rate by offering more products or by getting a new store.

The most attractive part now is that you are still earning money and even better you still have your time to do what you really want to do in life. You’re not at work, taking orders from your boss or clients.

You can do things during the day that you otherwise would not be able to do like shopping mid day, going to the gym running errands etc…

Can you imagine never missing your children’s biggest moments? All those reasons are what push us to seek passive income. When I first turned to the internet it was to help me pay my college tuition but I quickly realized that there is no limit to what you can do online to earn an income and win back your time.

I named this blog the digital income because I’ve ventured into the online business world and know you can earn a full-time income by utilizing the power of the internet.

I’m curious to know if you have thought about earning additional income on the side through the internet and if so what do you think you  can do to provide value to your clients?

Have you tried earning online? How and what was your experience? What obstacles did you come across and did you have success with your quest?

The problem is that when you’re first getting started you don’t know where to start. You probably doubt yourself and think that your chances of making even a single dollar online are quite slim.

The truth of the matter is that you currently have at least one skill that other people will pay you to do for them.

If you’re good at holding a conversation, drawing, dancing, copying and pasting there are people out there willing to pay you for your services. So what are your skills, what is it that you’re capable of doing that can bring a lot of value to a client?

When I first got started online I sold items on eBay and amazon. I then moved on to promoting other people’s products and even went as far as creating websites on a multitude of topics that generated income passively.

The crazy thing is that I originally knew absolutely nothing about the topics. I simply researched a topic and created websites around them.

There are plenty of people earning income online with their YouTube accounts, social media accounts and websites. You should take the opportunity to do the same now while it’s still available to you.

Two hours of work 4 times a week can cover all your monthly expenses.

I encourage you to learn or research something you can do now that will pay your cell phone bill, car payments, mortgage etc… so you don’t have to stress over making those monthly payments.

The best way I think for you to get started is to find one person that is earning an income online and is actively living the lifestyle that you want to live.

My goal is to share my experiences with you along with experiences from other entrepreneurs in order to inspire you and show you that it is possible and you owe it to yourself to create a path where your living expenses will no longer hold you down.

Of course I have to show some credibility, so here are a few screen shots to show you what I’ve accomplished online:

Earnings from a Freelancing website





That’s an example of what’s possible when you have websites that run 24/7. You earn income while you’re away from your computer. You don’t have to be present to accept any transactions all that is done automatically for you once you set things up.

This wasn’t hard to set up, you too can achieve similar results if not better. It all depends on your motivation, your drive and the amount of work you put in initially.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. In the following posts I will go over some of my online experiences and show you exactly what I did to earn an income online. Hopefully my experiences will motivate you and help you get started.

Have you made money online? If so how, what method did you use and what was the hardest thing you have to overcome when you got started?