Today is a Great Time To Start An Online Business

Do you know that today, YOU can start a business and potentially serve millions of people through the power of the internet?

Today you can start a business that will finally help you:

  • Live the life you were meant to live
  • Go places you always wanted to go
  • Buy things you need and things you desire without being bound by what you earn at your day job
  • Run a business that gives you the flexibility to work when you want to (as long as you still do some work)
  • Share your passion with millions of people who have similar interests
  • Give value to the world and improve other people’s lives

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started nor do you have to quit your job. One of the first steps of running a business – after you have an idea and researched enough to know your idea is something that others will pay for – is having your own website. You can purchase a domain name for under $10 at

You might not know this yet but soon you will realize that in this time that you currently live in, you have access and the potential to reach countless people. You have access to the largest audience the world has ever offered to any entrepreneur in the past.

If you have a good idea that people can benefit from, it’s your moral obligation to get the word out and to help out those that desperately need your help and you will also realize that many people will be willing to pay you to solve their problems.

So what is that you have as a skill that can be of value to another person?

I can think of many skills that can be used to run a profitable business. Skills such as writing, there is a great demand for writers, you can have a six-figure business or greater if you’re a great writer.

I’m going to list a few skills so to give you an idea: singing, dancing, drawing, photography, organizer, virtual assistant, word, excel, Powerpoint, etc…

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Back in the day, you would have to invest a lot of money before you could get anything started. Nowadays we can leverage the power of the internet as well as virtual tools to help us start a lucrative business.

You don’t need an MBA, you just focus on what it is you need and learn as you grow.

Once you have an idea and learn where to find your customers you can scale and grow your business. You can create systems that work in the background while you go about your day.

You can make a sale even while you’re sleeping. This is the beauty of using the power of the internet with automation.

Your idea can turn into a profitable business that will run by itself and sell for you like a big store that never closes.

I write this with confidence because I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it and I’ve done it myself.

I started getting into the business by total accident. My goal was at first to find scholarships for my college education. You see because of my status as an immigrant I was not eligible for scholarships in general.

I’ve endured the pain of getting awarded a scholarship only to have it retracted after the realization that I was not a permanent resident of the United States.

My long and painful research lead me to discover a world where business transactions were made online and since I’m somewhat of a geek I quickly understood the significance of what I discovered.

My frustration was relieved thanks to the realization that I can earn a living online. The internet was a good place for me to find something that can help me pay for my college tuition.

Around that time which was the early 2000’s eBay was gaining popularity I learned, that you could sell on eBay, and people from all around the globe could potentially see what I’m selling and buy it if they need it.

After careful digging, I found out that there were two good ways I could make roughly about $800 a month which would cover my expenses. The two ways were:

  • buying low at yard sales and thrift stores then selling for a profit on eBay
  • partner with a drop shipping company that would sell to me at wholesale price and store the merchandise for me, therefore, eliminating some unwanted additional expenses that I didn’t have.

These made sense to me and I signed up for an online program that promised to teach me how to make $700 a week by selling on eBay. I didn’t have the money at the time but they instructed me on getting a credit card.

Here I was an immigrant 18-year-old high school student with no credit history. Of course, I could not apply for a credit card but I was talked into using my mother’s information to get the credit card and it worked!

(Mom, if you read this I apologize again for doing this, I had no idea what I was doing and it was absolutely wrong of me to do that…)

The whole program was a major disappointment! there was no training I was just told to get a PayPal account, given links to find a drop shipper where I had to pay a monthly fee to have access to their merchandise and that was it!

Whenever I asked questions I was told to do more research and find hot items to sell.  

Eventually, I called the company one day and no one answered…

I was lost and didn’t know what to do, I went from no debt to having a debt that grew to over $2000 over the years for not paying it.

I didn’t know at the time that I could just call my credit card company and have my purchase refunded by the time I tried, it was too late and they couldn’t help me cancel the debt.

I still needed to make some additional income, I was in such a bad financial situation. An honor roll student in high school that starts college with no books is almost unheard of but that was my story.

Instead of giving up and putting my hands down, I continued my research and started selling on eBay and then amazon.

I learned a lot and made a few sales but my profit margins were too low and the most important thing is that I took action and made my first dollar ever online this way.

Since then, I’ve gone into direct sales, learned how to use pay-per-click advertising to promote offers and make commissions, I’ve interviewed a New York Times Best Seller and a few experts, and learned blogging, article marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

All these different methods work and you can make them work when you truly understand what your goal is and what your market needs.

You’ve probably seen a collection of sites promising you will get rich quickly, they post inspirational quotes and focus and minute details that honestly do not help you.

In this blog I will not discuss untested theories, I will write about my own personal experiences as well as the experiences of other entrepreneurs who found a way to dramatically change their lives for the better.

I do this all in hopes of providing value to you in a way that you can use what you read here as inspiration and help on how you can start your online business.

I will go over the strategies and tools to start an online business and grow it. This business will be mostly automated, and run 24/7,  you can work from wherever you want because all you’ll really need to run a business is a laptop. Once we have it all and running we just work on scaling it up.

The magical feeling of launching a profitable business

When your business is now running something magical is going to happen. You’re going to attract your first customer and watch a transaction go through. Imagine seeing numbers like this:

Digital Income Paypal transactions

When you realize you can get clients to pay you, then you just need to focus on getting more clients. You can literally set and control how much you want to make. Let’s say you’re selling an item for $100 here’s an idea of what you can expect:,

1 Sale : 1 x $100 total earned is $100

5 Sales per day: 5 x $100 total is $500 per day or $3,500 per week or $14,000 per month

If your goal is to earn $14,000 per month your business can generate that once you place all the pieces together and I’m going to show you how.

Going forward you need to understand that you must turn off all notions that make you second guess this, you should have an open mind and understand that building an online business is possible and that countless people have been able to open and run an online business, it’s your turn to get started.