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Monthly update January 2017

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This is the first monthly of report of many I hope. I'm doing this to hold myself accountable. I haven't been as active as I should because of certain challenges I face in my daily life.

This post is one of the many commitments I'm making now and it would hopefully be one that I follow.

Yes I've had success in the past but I deliberately shut down my business because I just didn't like how things were progressing. The hardest part was turning down clients who could benefit from my services but there is just too much going on and it was becoming very challenging to keep up my usual routine.

Starting Over from Zero

I tried to maintain a schedule for my blog posts but that didn't work out as intended. Time is definitely a factor but most of the inactivity came from thinking about all that needs to be done in order to have a working funnel, the steps to follow to have a blog readers will find useful.

I created a product sometime last year and didn't focus much on promoting it. My focus this year will be to sell my product and go through all the necessary steps while making improvements as needed.

In the meantime I will be focusing on a different mentality. With all the information out there it's hard to get overwhelmed. I will from now on implement the just in time learning. 

If I come across any new information that cannot benefit me now I will save it for later and not waste any energy on it.

The focus is to improve my funnel as much as possible and provide qualitative information for my subscribers.

The Current State of the Funnel

Currently I have 3 squeeze pages that are being served simultaneously to new prospects.

These pages are accompanied by two thank you pages that both have a welcome video with two calls to action. The first one is to have the new subscriber check their inbox for a free report and the second call to action is to purchase a series of videos. These are technical videos that show what it took for me to build a massive email list in a very short period of time.

There are upgrades to the videos as well that come at a premium price. I've learned a lot since I created these videos and I know now there is a lot more room for improvement. These improvements will happen gradually.

There is not point in rushing this process, I'm afraid that by rushing the end product would not be as good as it should.

My budget is limited but I have purchased some advertising and plan on continuing through out the process.

Currently my autoresponder holds a series of 188 emails sent out on a daily interval. These emails are meant to stir up emotions in order to bring a prospect closer to making the decision of purchasing the course. These emails also need to be improved.

In order to have perpetual traffic I've included a designated area in my emails for advertisers. This may not be good for my business eco system but I feel it's necessary now as I need to gather data and of course capital in order to have a constant flow of new subscribers.

Now for the fun part

Let's go over the numbers

In the month of January I've acquired a total of 370 new subscribers giving me a total of 1,869 subscribers in my seed list. 

Let's go over the income generated last month:

JvZoo: $16.99

Cashnetwork: $0.00

Warrior+: $0.00

Total earned: $16.99


Aweber: $69

Hostgator: $9.95

LeadPages: $37

Solo Ads: $220

Total expenses: $335.95


Let's calculate the profit for January 2017

16.99 – 335.95 = -318.96


January was not a good month because well I lost $318.96

I now have a goal however. For the business to break even I need to earn $115.95 a month, that is without advertisement. The next goal would be to also break even on ads. If I spend $200 on ads I would love to have it back within the same month. The question is when will I be able to achieve this goal.

Let the countdown begin 🙂

See you next time


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