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Aweber – A Tool I Use Every Day

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Aweber is the tool I use to manage my subscribers list. When someone comes to my website looking and is in search of additional information I ask them to give me an email address so that I can send it. Aweber helps me do that. Now this tool is also called an autoresponder. I will be using that term a lot. So when you see autoresponder just remember that I'm referring to my Aweber account.

Is this tool necessary?

No question about it. In order to run a business you need clients and when you have clients you need a method to communicate with your clients. That way you send them promotions, coupons, greeting cards etc… Aweber is great at ethically fulfilling that means of communication. The great this about this tool is that although it's necessary and a powerful tool, it's not expensive at all and they do provide a 30 day free trial.

I shot a brief video showing how to create a new list and how to gather the code to place on webpage in order to collect email addresses.

 If you don't have Aweber yet you can take advantage of their 30 day free trial here: Get 30 Free Days Of Aweber

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Zoul Pio

Zoul Pio

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