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61.5 Optin Rate and 279 New Subscribers


At the time of writing this post my main source of traffic is solo ads. So I thought it would be great to post some results on my blog once in a while. This way my results will be public, and it will hopefully help me get a little organized and focused on improving my results as well as the current funnel. In an earlier post I explained how I was experimenting with the creation of a funnel.

This process is a little harder than I originally expected as I've ended up creating over twenty different links and webpages to direct traffic through one funnel. I will share the stats of that funnel soon. I'm also working on entirely different funnel. The plan with the second funnel is to have it indoctrinate my leads and build a better relationship with them. The focus will be to provide as much value as possible. Although this second funnel is not quite ready yet It's already making a few sales and my clients so far are happy with the content within.

Today I'm going over the results of one traffic campaign that yielded great results. In this campaign I purchased a solo ad  for 500 visitors. I went to one of my trusted solo vendors to secure this campaign. The results are below:


The Results



Out of 500 clicks the vendor delivered 540 all tier 1 clicks. Tier 1 traffic is traffic from the major English-speaking countries. 527 of those clicks were unique clicks. Meaning 527 different visitors saw my landing page and the extra clicks came from those who landed on my page on more than one occasion.

To my surprise 279 of the visitors converted into leads and as a result the traffic I received converted at 53.5%. That is very impressive as pages don't typically convert this high.53% Optin Rate and 4 Sales

I use this tool to track different steps and actions in this funnel to get an educated idea of what my leads are doing as soon as they enter their email address. In this particular campaign every lead I acquired performed an average of 2.11 clicks before exiting my page which is a great start.

The sales and earnings per clicks shown in the image are not accurate. The reason for this is that I'm split testing a lot of things on this funnel and they are the landing page, sales page, down sales, up sales and the prices that lead to the core offer. As a result the events tracked and sales tracking are not accurate as I was unable properly track them. I should take the advise given to me earlier and track one thing at a time but I like the way this current experiment is going.

I've acquired a lot of new data that will help me improve the experience of new leads as well as improve my chances of getting new sales. I hope with more data to be able to improve these stats.

Nonetheless I've made a total of 4 sales which cut my advertising cost by half. The results are great considering the funnel is still in its experimental phase, and it's always good to get a 50% discount when you purchase an item. According to the industry's average, the estimated value of a lead is about $1 per month. The total number of leads I received during this campaign was 279 so I expect to earn at least this much in about 3 months time.

Why 3 months?

I have purchased enough solo ads to know that a good percentage of my newly acquired subscribers will not open my emails therefore will not be engaging. I accept that as the cost of doing business and I'm not worried as I have set a 3 month life cycle rule for leads that do not open my emails.


Split Test Observations:


Landing Page Results 61% Optin Rate

The traffic purchased was sent to three different landing pages. I'm split testing these pages to improve the quality of the leads received as well as to improve the conversions from visitors to leads.

So let's go over the results: One page completely failed at delivering good results but I do see that one of the three pages being split tested converted at 61.5%.  Although the links that track my sales are not correctly configured I notice that the page with the highest conversion does not yield to any sales.

I'm not sure why this is and you can also notice that the engagement of the incoming leads of page number 3 is far smaller as the engagement of page 1. It's hard to make a clean conclusion out of these results but from the looks of it page 1 is more valuable to me as it produced most of the sales

So What's next?

I would like to keep most of the current setup as it is but replace the lowest converting page.  Pages 1 and 3 will have to go under another set of tests to help me determine what page to keep.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my traffic source, Howie. If you're ever in need of email traffic I recommend you go check out his website.

If you'd like to learn how I can

Your thoughts are appreciated. What do you think of the experiment and the results?



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