How I Earned $11,544 On Fiverr, the World’s Largest Outsourcing Gig Marketplace

Fiverr is a global digital marketplace that now currently has three million services with a trademark of $5 gig.

As a pioneer of the gig economy, Fiverr has now evolved from one to millions of users who now rely on their incomes from the platform.

The various services range from virtual services like creating social backlinks and press releases to actual physical products like customized sculptures and special party soaps!

Yes, those are real sellers.

Given the variety, you’re assured that Fiverr can accommodate whatever you think you wish to sell online.

The best thing about Fiverr?

It’s free.

There’s no fee to sign up, and the platform takes a small percentage of your sales. Can freelancers earn a decent income there?

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Start earning on Fiverr
  • Actionable Steps to Generate Real Income on Fiverr
  • Promoting your Gigs the Right Way
  • Ranking secrets for your Fiverr gigs

These days, doing freelance work is not new but if you happen to be new to freelancing, there’s no other easier route than Fiverr.

I personally own the Fiverr account we will be covering in this post.  This account is a few years old now and as the servicing platform has evolved so have the services I offer.

I’ve had a myriad of experiences when it comes to online marketing and I am constantly eager to learn and broaden my horizons.

With this guide, I hope to showcase my strategy so you can use them as a blueprint to follow when and if you decide to use your skills to acquire freelance gigs.

Let’s get started, shall we?

In a gist, Fiverr, is a gig marketplace offering various services for as low as $5 or above. Services offered are called gigs.

To give you an overview, here are my Fiverr earnings:

Over $10k In Revenue With Fiverr

Over $10k In Revenue With Fiverr, well the total is $11,544 to be exact :-).

The real question is?

How did I earn what is shown in the image above with Fiverr?

It’s quite simple. I first started by browsing the marketplace and observing what other freelancers were doing.

I then shifted my focus to the ones that had high ratings and had a lot of orders in the queue.

I noticed right away that the marketplace had a lot of buyers and that assured me I should be able to acquire my first clients as there was enough demand.

As I have experience writing various types of content, the idea for my gig was born. 

How To Get Clients For Your Gigs – Making Money on the Fiverr Platform

As I mentioned earlier it all started with extensive research. This is the foundation of my success and I guess studying anything you wish to enter into is mandatory.

This will help you understand how the system works and how others are already using the platform to their advantage, some even full-time!

It’s amazing to read success stories where some freelancers are able to pay off their debt and even earn a full-time income by providing their services on Fiverr.

At the time of my research, I found very successful gigs in the Writing and Translation section for blog writing. I emulated what they did and introduced my own innovations.

The foundation of my gig was born! I started offering press release writing services and then later on blog writing. I love writing too so it’s an instant click.

Some of them also offer “EXTRA GIGS”.

These extras are there to help boost your earnings of 5 bucks per transaction (in my example, a single article’s worth).

I’ve seen other successful sellers do submissions too so I offered the same thing.

Later on, I added more varied gigs to cater to different needs but are still relevant to the niche I have targeted which is “Writing”.

I started creating gigs that help businesses in proofreading articles or editing. I also made variations on how many words per article can be produced for $5.

I’ve yet to try adding videos but many sellers have them and they’re surely appealing so you might as well add one to yours too.

In the end, you can use the same techniques regardless of what category you’re aiming at video making, digital marketing, business, advertising, and graphic design.

Breaking Down the Process – Earn Real Money on Fiverr

For the primer, we’ve emphasized research and studying already successful sellers in your target niche.

It doesn’t stop there! Here’s the step-by-step process you can use to ensure orders are soon!

1 – Master your Trade

I love reading, writing, making new friends grabbing more experience, and networking (you’ll never who you’ll bump into!).

With this, I regularly practice my craft. I write when I can and do it leisurely. Now that I do writing gigs, I already do more writing than my usual leisure time.

Equate the same thing to your own trade. If you’re a graphic artist, get moving, and do more relevant tasks to hone your skills.

Try doing some projects for charity, friends, or other outlets (at school or work if you do Fiverr on the side).

It will take weeks to start and years to be good at something. You’ll be of genuine help to businesses and entrepreneurs on Fiverr if you offer them the best service that sets them apart from the competition.

We end this section with more research but this time with relevant tools.

If your trade is SEO and offers services with regard to online marketing, you ought to know tools, software, and websites that are top of mind for most marketers.

Every category has its specializations and every specialist has their own tools to complement their jobs.

Find yours and research industry standards.

2 – Start your Gig on Fiverr

When you find your voice, passion, and expertise it’s time to move on by creating your very own Fiverr gig.

Always keep titles short but catchy and offer something unique that will solve a problem.

Here’s mine for example:

This signals that I create press releases that are 500 words in length but they’re not normal PRs, rather, they are SEO-friendly.

So if your goal is to rank for certain key phrases, your interest will be likely piqued by my gig title alone.

Some other title options I made that did well in orders and impressions:


Be creative in this stage, you only get to have one chance at a good impression so make it count!

3 – Have a Clear Branding Image

Unlike other niches such as visually rich video or graphics category or musically savvy audio-related gigs, or real product-based gigs where buyers can get a hold of the real thing, working on more abstract things such as documents containing words is more difficult to visualize in the mind of readers and buyers.

This is where you’ll need the superb touch of branding images.

I have a website with its own branding but since I use the username “ecriture” (french for writing) on my Fiverr gigs, and it’s personally done, I showcase a feeling of professionalism but intact friendliness in writing when it comes to lead images I chose for each of my gigs.

Here’s a glimpse:


It’s actually up to you and what influences you but remember branding helps a lot regardless of niche/category.

 4 – Perfect your Gig Description

The clear advantage of writing-based gigs is they’re already populated by wordsmiths so this department is no longer a problem.

One swift touch on the keyboard, some review and we can come up with something magical.

This may not be the case for more visually-inclined gigs as I’ve listed in number 3 above.

You’d want your description to be concise but as detailed as possible so it can double as an explanation for what exact information it is you’ll really need from buyers to set clear expectations.

Include benefits and your edge over the competition when writing this. In short, be as comprehensive as much as possible.

Let’s dissect what I wrote on my main gig:


I mentioned my time limits so they wouldn’t expect me to work on weekends.

I mentioned my internal promo that incentivized bulk orders. They get discounts for more orders done consecutively.

Short notes on what Press releases achieve to educate buyers who might not know what PRs are before they buy.

I lead them into the benefits of choosing me by telling them that I offer proven PRs that draw attention but are also SEO friendly and with a proven template that gets approved by most submission sites (signaling that I also offer these services).

I offer refunds and COMPLETE at that, not per-order parts.

I offer unlimited revisions for free which signals that if I don’t get it right at first, it’s on me.

It adds humility but also that I guarantee that you almost won’t need this guarantee because I do my best to get things right from the get-go.

I mentioned buyers contact me first before buying in case they’re unsure about any details.

This will help weed out unsure buyers who will remain inactive even after nudging and any delays because the information supplied is already complete at the onset.

Lastly, I highlighted the important parts of the entire description which I want readers to focus on.

From there, you can learn how to make a template of your own that covers everything from benefits to education, notices, and your edge.

Try it out!

5 – Do not Forget Tags/Keywords

Fiverr, like Google, also indexes its gigs and users according to relevance so the more relevant your target keywords are, the better it will fare in rankings.

Tick the least number of days for delivery too but make it reasonable to the type of work being made.

Take the number of orders you are getting into consideration too (in case you’re already deluded). Buyers like quality and fast gigs.

6 – Under-promise, Over-deliver

What is the best way to make an impression that lasts a lifetime and creates loyalty, and returns clients?

OVER-DELIVER regardless of whatever benefits you’ve listed in your description.

When they need this 500-word article, make sure it’s spell-checked. You can even offer a few buffer words.

If you offer video gigs, make sure they represent the right quality they want and offer limited revisions (videos are more difficult to create than articles).

If you offer SEO services, surprise them with more backlinks on their expected reports.

Give discounts!

It doesn’t matter what gig category type you fall under when you provide more than what buyers expect they’ll love you for it.

They’ll even recommend you to friends. And they’ll keep coming back for more!

Remember, you will earn more from your current list of loyal clients than acquire new ones you still need to impress.

And please deliver on time.

This is the biggest deal-breaker for many. No matter how good your services are, if you aren’t on time, it will affect not just your loyal clients but order numbers.

The Insider’s Intel to Fiverr Rankings

There’s nothing really uber-controversial about this list below but not all newbies, not even veterans, know a lot about this stuff.

Fiverr has its own ranking system, the level tiers, and only those on top get to be featured (but they assure that they regularly change featured gigs to give fair treatment to all).

1 – Dummy Account

If it’s your first time, invest a few bucks on a dummy account and buy your gigs twice.

Proceed to give it a nice 5-star positive review. Remember, the more buyers see proof of how good you are, the more they’ll flock to your gig.

This is social recommendation theory at its finest.

2 – Leverage the Marketplace

Done with dummies?

You can keep them for future use in case it gets difficult to get more buyers BUT keep it at a minimum.

Now let’s go ahead with your own account and leverage using it to buy gigs from certified marketers and be on top of their game.

One search on Fiverr for the term “web traffic” generates hundreds of users who can help uplift your gig’s traffic.

This is the good thing with Fiverr, everyone can be a buyer or seller at any point, and the money revolves around a true digital marketplace of the future, fueled by a passion for the work sellers do.

If you’re bad at writing, order gigs that can help in your copywriting.

If you’ve never done vector graphics, there are gigs for that!

Not sure how to craft videos to video-fy your gig?

Lots of them are just a search away.

3 – Precise Tagging

To help emphasize just how important tagging is, here it is again in Fiverr’s best practices to rank better.

So if you’re going to create gigs like mine, use these keywords: writer, press release, SEO, advertising, copywriter.

Know your niche, product/service very well.

What you should NEVER DO

While there are best practices, I can think of only one that you MUST NEVER DO at all costs or else get easily penalized by Google itself mind you.

Yes, Google also indexes Fiverr gigs so if you aim to not just rank internally on Fiverr but also on Google post-Penguin and Panda, listen closely:

1 – Fake Visitors, Traffic, Likes, and Everything Else in Between

NEVER attempt to outwit the system by alluding to bad SEO practices.

Hiring someone on Fiverr by leveraging the marketplace to dump fake visitors on your account is SEO suicide. If you’ve tried it before, take it from those who have experienced it before.

Visit the very lively Fiverr forum to banter with real users like you!

That’s part of ultimate step 1 remember?


Get back to the roots and learn the good and bad practices.


Once you’ve mastered these steps, go ahead and promote on social media, email, on your own blogs, and even offline if you meet someone who might need your own professional services.

Opportunity knocks even in doorless situations. Make Fiverr your own online portfolio slash business slash passion so you have fuel to move forward and be inspired.

Take advantage of WHITE HAT practices when you want to promote your gigs and leverage the marketplace by tapping help from other sellers who condone safe SEO techniques.

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That’s like a triple win with minimal effort.

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