How to White List Our Emails

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You might not know this but there are a lot of internet companies and email service providers that use automated programs that block unwanted emails. I know first hand that sometimes the emails you want to receive are blocked or marked as spam.

To Make Sure You Are Receiving My Emails do The Following:

We want to make sure you get emails coming from me so you will need to add TheDigitalincome Email address to your email white list. That way you will not miss out on updates and content.

A Quick Definition of Whitelist: 

Your email provider or internet provider maintain a list of websites and or email addresses that they block and stop from appearing in your inbox. The job of a whitelist is to keep a list of trusted websites and email addresses that you will then allow you to receive the corresponding emails.

Why is it important?

Spam has become a big problem and to deal with this growing problem most email providers and Internet companies have created a filtering system that automatically differentiates the good guys from the bad ones. 

Like any automated solutions there are bound to be errors. The solutions provided by these companies are far from being perfect and as such some content you would expect to receive in your inbox will never make it to you.

There is something that YOU can do to keep your content from falling into what I call the digital heaven. You can protect your content with a whitelist.

Whitelist my emails now before your delivery gets blocked.

Follow the instruction below to whitelist my emails and any other email or content that is important to you.


The majority of my readers use Gmail so let’s start with Gmail first!

  1. In your inbox locate one email from [email protected]
  2. Drag that email into your “Primary” tab.
  3. All of my emails will now be in your primary tab.

Yahoo Mail!

When you open a message in your Yahoo account, you will notice a “+” symbol next to the “From:”. Click on the “+” and after the “Add to Contacts” message appears click on Save.

For other email service providers (AOL, Outlook, etc…) please add me as contact in your address book. More instructions can be found here.