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Email Marketing

5 Simple Steps to Building a More Profitable Email List

As a business owner, you know that building a strong email list is essential to growing your customer base and increasing revenue.

However, many businesses struggle to build a profitable email list that consistently delivers results.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 simple steps to build a more profitable email list for your business.

61.5 Optin Rate and 279 New Subscribers

  At the time of writing this post my main source of traffic is solo ads. So I thought it would be great to post some results on my blog once in a while. This way my results will be public, and it will hopefully help me get a little organized and focused on improving my results as well as the current funnel. In an earlier post I explained how I was experimenting with the creation of a funnel. This process is a little harder than I originally expected as I’ve ended up creating over twenty different links and webpages to direct traffic through one funnel. I will share the stats of that funnel soon. I’m also working on entirely different funnel. The plan with the second funnel is to have it indoctrinate my leads and build a better relationship with them. The focus will be to provide as much value as possible. Although this second funnel is not quite ready yet It’s already making a few sales and my clients so far are happy with the content within. Today I’m going over the results of one traffic campaign that yielded great results. In this campaign I purchased a solo ad  for 500 visitors. I went to one of my trusted solo vendors to secure this campaign. The results are below:   The Results   Out of 500 clicks the vendor delivered 540 all tier 1 clicks. Tier 1 traffic is traffic from the major English-speaking countries. 527 of those… Read More »61.5 Optin Rate and 279 New Subscribers

Why I shrunk My List In Aweber

This is not my first time cleaning up my email list. As a matter of fact my email list would have probably reached 80,000 members by now if I hadn’t taken the time to clean it up.  As I’m writing this post I’m about to do something drastic. I’ve had my aweber account for more than a year now and looking at the number in my email list it gives me a sense of pride.   The bigger the numbers are the better people perceive you. I made a promise to myself this year to not let my ego influence my business. I should only follow my numbers and work on improving things where needed.   I’m About To Delete A Huge Chunk of My Email List   Why am I taking such a drastic measure? Well it’s simple my list needs to be cleaned. My Aweber bill is getting bigger and bigger every month. I’ve paid  as much as $500+ a month to maintain my aweber account and list. Looking at my email open rate and the click through rate I know that unfortunately not everyone is opening my emails. Some people in my email list are no longer opening my emails. Can I blame them? Not really I can’t. I read somewhere that the average person receives about 147 emails per day! that’s just nuts. How can one person possibly keep track of all the emails in that case. I also failed at providing value to my email… Read More »Why I shrunk My List In Aweber

Email Marketing – How to build a list of 50000 subscribers in less than 6 months

I get a lot of great questions from my subscribers. Some of the emails I receive are emails that ask for help… Some emails just have the word “help”… with nothing else in the email body…

Please don’t be that person. It’s hard to provide guidance if we don’t know what problem we are trying to resolve.

So I’m writing this post to explain how I built a massive list of 50,000+ email subscribers, with Aweber. I hope you get to use this post as a blueprint

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