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Comprehensive Review of Wealthfront’s Cash Account

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If you're looking for a reliable financial product in today's market, Wealthfront's Cash Account is definitely worth considering.

In this thorough review, we'll take a closer look at the different features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of Wealthfront's Cash Account, so you can make a well-informed decision for your financial future.

Cash Management Account Overview:

Cash management accounts, often referred to as cash accounts, are financial products that bridge the gap between traditional checking and savings accounts. Typically offered by nonbank financial service providers like Wealthfront, these accounts come with a range of features designed to enhance your financial experience.

Where Wealthfront Cash Shines:

  1. Impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY): Wealthfront Cash Account offers a remarkable 4.80% annual percentage yield. This rate far surpasses the national average for savings accounts, making it an attractive option for individuals looking to maximize their savings.

  2. No Fees: Wealthfront takes a customer-friendly approach by offering a cash account with no maintenance, withdrawal, or other fees. This fee-free structure is a significant advantage for account holders.

  3. Early Direct Deposit: Customers can enjoy the convenience of two-day early direct deposit for their paychecks, allowing quicker access to their funds.

  4. FDIC Coverage: Wealthfront provides FDIC coverage of up to $5 million through affiliated partner banks, ensuring that your deposits are well protected.

  5. Debit Card and Bill Pay: Account holders can opt for a debit card, enabling purchases and cash withdrawals from a vast network of more than 19,000 ATMs for free. Additionally, the account is compatible with popular peer-to-peer money transfer apps like Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal.

  6. “Send a Check” Feature: Wealthfront offers a unique feature where, if you meet certain requirements, they can send a check payment on your behalf for free. This can be a handy tool for certain financial transactions.

  7. Automated Saving and Investing Tools: Wealthfront allows users to automate their saving and investing processes. You can set maximum account balances and automatically transfer surplus funds into other accounts like investment portfolios or savings plans.

  8. Quick Investing: The Cash Account facilitates swift transfers of money into Wealthfront investment accounts, featuring a diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Where Wealthfront Cash Falls Short:

  1. No Cash Deposits: While the account permits cash withdrawals, it does not support cash deposits, which may pose limitations for some users.

  2. No Overdraft Program: Wealthfront's policy of rejecting transactions that exceed the available account balance, while preventing overdraft fees, necessitates careful account management to avoid transaction declines.

Customer Experience:

  1. Website and App: Wealthfront offers a well-designed website and highly-rated mobile apps for both Apple and Android users, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  2. No Branches: Wealthfront Cash is an online-only service, which may not be suitable for individuals who prefer in-person banking.

  3. Limited Support: Customer support is available during extended weekday hours, but live phone support is not offered on weekends. Additionally, there is no online chat support.


Wealthfront's Cash Account presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a high-yield cash management account with no fees and valuable features.

Its competitive interest rate, FDIC coverage, and automation tools make it an attractive choice for those looking to optimize their financial management.

However, the absence of cash deposits and limited customer support options may be potential drawbacks to consider. Ultimately, Wealthfront's Cash Account is a noteworthy contender in the cash management account landscape, offering a blend of high yield and modern convenience.


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