Video 7: Solo Ads

Note: Before you purchase traffic you should make sure you have a email capture mechanism in place and that you have tested it. You don’t want to spend on advertising only to realize that your capture mechanism is not working properly.

Remember, people who visit from an email ad are predisposed to join another list. Also don’t be vanilla, you should create your own custom pages and write your own follow up sequences. Trust me you’ll thank yourself when you do.

What is a Solo Ad?

Solo ads are geat because you get the power of email marketing without having your own list. You basically rent someone else’s list and they send their subscribers to your offer.

The term “solo” means that your message is the only message the readers see. There is no other competing messages or content. The entore email is yours meaning, the subject line, salutation, email body and link are yours for just that one mailing.

Having said that the solo ad industry has gone through some satges and some sellers prefer to send their own messages in order to maximize the response from their audience. They create generic emails that they blast their list and you have no ontrol over the message. If you can I would recommend that you try to strike a deal where the solo ad provider sends your message.

My Recommended Solo Email Sources

When it comes to buying solo ads I go to these places:

Solo Ads Testimonials:

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials:

Although these are the places I’ve purchased traffic to build my email list you must be careful and only contact sellers who have proven to provide sales to their clients. Read the reviews, contact them and communicate with them. It’s very easy to get scammed from vendors who promise to sell you “High Quality Traffic” but end up serving you bot clicks.

Do not buy traffic from vendors who approach you! Only buy from reputable sellers!

Here are additional places where you can purchase email traffic.

Igor Solo Ads – This is by far one of the best places to get biz-op traffic. His rates are expensie ut definitely worth the cost.

The Warrior Forum Classified Ads Section – – This is a great resource where you can find reputable sellers. This place is managed by Harris Fellman who has been brokering and emailing for more then a deccade now and focuses on the Biz-Opp, Internet Marketing, Self-Help niches and etc… Traffic is old on a CPC basis which is great for us.

Arcamax – This is a general interest consumer list with dozens of different segments. 

Newsmax – These guys own and manage media properties including a database of over 10 million names. They are primarily focused on the consertive political space. Their users are generally affluent, and care about health, finance and politics.

 DedicatedEmails – These guys specialize in brokering political, Health, survial and financial niche