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My Offer Promotion Blueprint # 4: Your Two Main Pages

On step 3 of the offer promotion blueprint I explained what an autoresponder is and why it's an important tool to have. Once you've acquired an autoresponder, you need a place to put it so that you can start collecting email addresses. I place my autoresponder code on a page called a squeeze page which is also known as a landing page.

A squeeze page main purpose is to collect information from the visitor. In general the information collected is the name and email address. Many make the mistake to send traffic directly to a sales page or an offer page. It's highly recommended for a marketer to at least have a sign in sheet of whoever is interested in what you have to offer and in most cases, you stand to make more money by sending the majority of your traffic to a squeeze page.

What goes on a squeeze page?

In order to have a high converting squeeze page, you need an attention grabbing headline. Something that will catch the attention of the visitor. Then the next thing to include would be benefits which briefly explains exactly what the visitor wants. After the attention grabbing headline and pointing out some benefits you want to include a call to action, usually where you tell the visitor what the next step should be and finally an opt-in form. The opt-in form is your autoresponder code. I use aweber to get that code and then paste it on the squeeze page.

The Welcome Page

The next thing you need is a thank you page. The thank you page is really a page where you acknowledge and thank the visitor for opting in. This is where you want to give access to a freebie, a downloadable product, an article, a video or whatever you promised to give the visitor on the squeeze page. You can also include instructions there. Here's a quick video where I show how to create those two pages:

I hope you found this post useful.


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2 thoughts on “My Offer Promotion Blueprint # 4: Your Two Main Pages”

  1. Truthfully I’m going to have to review these items a few times before I’ll be comfortable trying it out I want to start with a fantastic online reputation:-) thank you

    1. Hi Scott,

      Yes I absolutely encourage you to take your time and review your next venture before you get started. There’s a plethora of information available and I assure you if you’re really interested your life will most likely change for the better and you will appreciate the knowledge you acquire.

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