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Recap Making Sure You Have All Your Gears In Place

Buying A solo Ad.

Before purchasing a solo ad let's do a quick recap on what's needed before hand. It's imperative to have all these pieces put together in order to run an advertising campaign. Overwise you're just wasting time and money. I'm pretty sure that's something you wouldn't want to do. So before you drive any traffic to your offer you must have

1. A good offer to promote.
To build a succesful business, you should by no means promote an offer that only gives you $7 or even $20 per commission. I would rather have my efforts give me more bang for my buck. If I'm going to purchase traffic and know that it will cost me an average of $50 to purchase 100 clicks, I would rather take a chance at getting commissions that would potentially get me a higher return on my investment. When I used to work in a restaurant we would have promotions. We pay for this promotion and offer an entrée at a discount. This was done to attract customers and we knew the offer was good for the customer but not necessarily for the restaurant. We are spending money to get “cheap” customers so in order to recover our investment we would up sell the customer with: appetizers, drinks (alcohol the more the better hehe), dessert and something to have them come back another day to buy even more. I understood how powerful this strategy is.

So if I see an offer that will give me a $7 commission, I will only promote it if it's a front end offer. That means this offer should have up sells. See my post on what to promote to get a better understanding of this first step.

2. A tool to capture leads
Everyone has a mailing list. I dare you to name a business that doesn't have a mailing list. Even you have your own personal mailing list. Check your email you have saved contacts. Your parents, siblings, best friends, your ex… and even people you probably can't even remember how you got their email address, they just somehow found their way there and you don't know why…

When you run an online business, and are hoping to have transactions, or you know you're going to be storing potential customers information you need an ethical way to store that information. To do that and follow all the necessarily rules and avoid being sued you need an autoresponder. Click here to read more on autorespors and see my autoresponder of choice.

3. A landing page and a welcome page

Before we design a landing page we need a freebie or a giveaway. Something of value to attract your potential clients. This “bribe” can be a video, an ebook, a blog post, a software anything that your potential client will find beneficial. You can either create this “ethical bribe”, purchase it as a private label right or leverage one that is already publicly available to be shared like a YouTube video for example.

Now once you have a gift for your subscriber you should create the two pages. One for collecting emails and the other for giving them access to the freebie. I went into details on how I create a squeeze page here.

4. A Tracker to keep an eye on your numbers

You want to keep track of your metrics. You're in it to make money so make sure all your advertising cost is well spent by tracking your:


5. Traffic in the form of Solo Ads.

At the beginning I was afraid of purchasing solo ads. As matter of fact I was afraid to spend money on advertising. I spent two years writing articles and I learned a lot about SEO but I was losing money at an alarming rate. Money I could not afford to lose but I think of it now as a very valuable but costly lesson. When I started with solo ads I didn't have all the proper tools in place as well and the results were shockingly depressing. After some research and talking to a few people I understood there were a few things I needed to have in place first.

Why solo ads?

The traffic comes in rather quickly and so do the results. It's very easy to purchase a solo ad but you would need to get it from a credible source. And the formula to making lots of sales with solo ads?

Buy -> Make Commissions -> Reinvest Commissions -> Buy more solo ads -> Build a great list

Make commissions from purchasing solo ads and emailing your list. That's it! Now in another post I'll share where I go to purchase solo ads.


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