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Solo Ads, What Are They?

Solo Ads, is a very effective way to do provide or receive email advertising. You know I'm sure you've heard the saying “the money is in the list”  and every serious marketer should build a list. There are many reasons why you should build a list but one of the most important reasons is to be able to promote an offer to that list. You would promote a specific offer that you believe will benefit your list by means of sending them an email explaining the benefits to your promotion and why you think they need it.

When I have an offer that I'm ready to promote, I simply contact one of my preferred solo ads sellers vendors and purchase a round of visitors. You should keep in mind that advertisement is the lifeblood of your visitors. If you don't have visitors to your offer your chances of making sales are slim and the same goes to having a restaurant and not receiving any customers. No customers mean no sales and that means you can't pay your bills. We don't want that do we?

Unfortunately not all solo ad vendors are created equal. I've purchased solo ads that failed miserably and others that were winners. Think about buying a solo ad as an advertising campaign. You want to keep track of your numbers. Here's a simple example. Let's say that when you sell your offer or promote one as an affiliate you're expected to make $20 in commissions for every sale. You buy a solo ads for 100 visitors to your offer. This solo ad costs you $50.

So here is a simple breakdown of your campaign:

$50 ad spend -> 100 Visitors -> Sales?

If your offer converts at 1% then you should make 1 sale and the scenario now becomes:

$50 ad spend -> 100 Visitors -> 1 sale ($20)

This is a losing campaign because you invested $50 and earned only $20 back. However you shouldn't forget that if you set up your funnel correctly you've also generated a list of potential customers that you can email to again at a later date to promote the same offer or something entirely different. Your goal as a business owner is to break even or make a profit for every dollar spent on advertisement. That's why it's important to know what to promote.

If you have a good funnel in place and your average commissions made from sales is $75 then your numbers will look more like this:

$50 ad spend -> 100 Visitors -> 1 sale ($75)  <<>> This is a winning campaign.

When consistently see the listed above you'll know what to expect when you purchase traffic from a reputable solo ads vendor. In other words you know that you can afford to pay up to $75 for 100 clicks when you're ready to scale and buy lots of traffic because you know you'll also be making commissions in the back-end from the list you just built buy purchasing your traffic.

Now before I end this post I wan to leave you with a quick video I shot for a mentoring group. This video explains two types of traffic, Solo ads and funnel clicks. I purchase both kinds of traffic and I recommend you do the same.

In another post I'll discuss where I go to buy Solo Ads and also show you my go to vendors.


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