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The Digital Income Training

This is not your typical training program. Some programs similar to this are too simplistic, or too complicated. What you have access to here, is all the essential tools you need to start building your email list. 


STEP 1: Watch this video first!


STEP 2: Getting Started!


STEP 1: The List Of Tools Used

Hostgator: A simple hostgator account to host your website. Without hosing your website cannot be seen by the public. Plans start as low as $4.86 per month. Go over to hostgator.com to get an account.

Namecheap: This is where I purchased my domain. Name cheap is a great place to purchase domains for cheap. There are also other places you could purchase domains but Namecheap is my go to place. Domains start here at as low as $2.88 per year. Get your website at namecheap.com

WordPress: This is free and you can install one through hostgator. WordPress is a blogging platform but you can also use it to create a professional looking website without having the need to hire a web designer.

Patience: Although it’s possible to start making money right away I would recommend that you do not rush. Make sure you have everything setup correctly first.

Test all your links several times. When you start driving traffic to your offer keep a close eye on your numbers. You want to know how many visitors you received, how many of them typed in their email address and how many purchased your offer. Like everything that involves, marketing and business it’s all a numbers game. Your goal is to find traffic providers that yield the best results. Then you simply need to reinvest your earnings into acquiring more traffic. Do that a few times and you will no longer be purchasing out of pocket but simply from your earnings.

Remember go in this with Patience and open mind and remember this formula: Traffic + Conversions = CASH!

Steps to Complete


  • Get a hosting account if you don’t have one already. It is necessary for publishing your website to the internet.
  • Get a domain with namecheap, which is my go to place. 


Once those two steps are completed and only then, can you move on to the next step.


Yes, Zoul I have a hosting account and have a domain registrer account. Let’s go to the next step.




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Key Points:

  • I’m going to share everything I know about list building, email marketing. Please feel free to ask questions along the way in the member’s area. Your input will be used to improve this training.

  • There are several ways to earn an income online. You’ll get a front seat view.

  • You can ask as many questions as you want at the bottom of each module.