Private Label Rights and A Chance Conversation

In my previous post I explained how I always seem to be attracted by the next shining new object. This is something that a lot of people deal with and I have been engulfed in it as if it were a never-ending cycle.

I guess you can say from the experience that no matter what the situation I was always ready to implement new knowledge acquired and that is what has kept me moving forward. If you so happen to be in the same situation I recommend you regroup and focus on just one thing as long as you know that it works and you have proof that there are others who are successful with the methods you’re using.

To continue with the previous post, my Fiverr business was still going strong, sometimes I would get more orders that I could handle and that affected my rating as seller and freelancer. When you deliver a gig late, clients can show their dismay by leaving you with a bad review. The more negative reviews you get the less trust you get from potential new clients as they rather go to a freelancer with better reviews. You can’t blame them as I would do the same thing.

That was one problem that always seemed to be present, I also kept reminding myself that my goal is to have recurring passive income. Something that I would build once and enjoy the benefits month after month. I didn’t want to trade the little free time I had for additional income. That would result in me always working and that is not what I wanted for myself. So I decided to expand my business.

The New Shining Object – Private Label Rights Business

I read a lot of success stories where people were generating lots of sales by selling their own products or by being an affiliate to a product. I’ve had some prior experience as an affiliate but because of the bad experience I had with the seller’s whose product I was promoting, I thought it would be best not to take that route. I would prefer to offer my own product, but there was one problem, I didn’t have one.

That meant I had to build one from the ground up. I already knew in which market I would promote my offer because thanks to the forum I saw that there were plenty of buyers. I didn’t have to think too much about what to create because of PLR products. A PLR (Private Label Rights) product is one that is already created and you can acquire the rights to sell it as your own.

In other words someone would create a product and sell you the rights to it. It’s basically the same concept as a franchise.  Big companies such as McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s etc employ the same tactics. So to get started I purchased a PLR package that contained a website with graphics, an ebook with ebook graphics and an email sequence. There was an offer to have the product installed for me for a premium price. I didn’t know how to set things up at the time and I wanted it done right so I purchased the installation service as well.

The Next Step Was to Attract Clients

Once the website was ready It was time to start driving traffic to it and start getting sales. I learned that the best way to get clients is get paid media. I had to purchase traffic and so I did. I purchased traffic and started making sales, but it was not for a profit.  I believe the ebook sold at a price of $17 .

While my Fiverr business was still running I started building a small email list and making a few sales on the side but I was not happy with the results. One day while I was buying traffic I got into a conversation with one of the sellers. I was intrigued because he delivered the traffic much faster than anyone else I bought from in the past.

This guy explained to me that my PLR product was basically worthless and that I could do a lot better. I was of course interested in what he had to say but I was also very skeptic. I had to see his results. One day we had a Skype conversation and while we were talking he showed me his paypal account. It was the first time I’ve seen so much cash in an online account. Sure I’ve seen income proofs on sales letters and videos but that was the first time someone logged in while I was watching.

Naturally I asked him if he would teach me how to get similar results. He agreed to teach me but I unfortunately could not afford his coaching price. We did reach an agreement and we both worked together on creating a new funnel. He took care of the most technical aspects and I started learning what he was doing.

Once the funnel was complete all I had to do was drive traffic to promote it. This is where the fun began. Because of the way the funnel was structured I was able to instantly generate sales at a rate faster than my previous funnel. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. His advice was for me to reinvest my earnings into purchasing more traffic which I did.

Before long I was able to grow my email list to over 70,000 subscribers in a span of just a few months and learned a lot along the way. The most important skill learned was how to acquire new leads at break even and sometimes earned enough to make a profit from new clients.

This experience gave me enough leverage to learn new marketing tactics and helped me invest into softwares that helped me automate certain parts of my business. Looking back at I can honestly say that setting up such a system is not hard, but where I struggled was with my mindset. I will discuss some of my struggles in an other post.

Thank you for reading.