My February 2017 Monthly Income Report

Welcome the to second monthly income report. 

You may have noticed that a lot of bloggers are posting monthly income reports. It’s a nice way to build interest and attract a lot of readers, but I’m not sure if it really inspires people. Perhaps the bloggers get a lot of mystified readers. 

My purpose for posting these income reports is mostly a means to be accountable to myself and to hopefully attract more readers as I create more content on here and I plan to do this for an extended period of time.

My daily routine is still pretty busy. I currently have a day job and two very young children at home. So far I created a schedule that I’m trying to stick to as much as possible.

Monday through Wednesday I go to the gym late and try to squeeze in an hour of work, before calling it a night. These past couple of weeks I’ve been able to commit to the gym schedule but working has been a challenge especially because of the newborn.


My Plan for My New Subscribers

Although I have a product there is still room for lots of improvements. It would also be hard to sell my product if I’m not able to walk the walk. My results from the past speak for themselves but the results are not current as you will find out towards the end of this blog post.

I’ve described my funnel in my previous monthly update.  My autoresponder is preloaded with 190 emails and I’ve got about another 70 emails in draft mode. Most of these emails are old and from a time where my sole purpose was to get my subscribers to just click on a link.

A single click from my email would amount to roughly 40 cents. This was one of the methods I used to earn income and grow my email list. My objective now is different and I’m not sure if I should publish those emails and get rid of the 190 that I currently have loaded to be sent out.

As a marketer it makes sense because those emails will send more visitors to my sales page and or to my partners who also send me visitors. It’s a nice passive way to get fresh daily visitors to my funnel but I’m afraid I’m attracting the wrong audience.

That said I know that writing an email every day will keep me connected with my email list and will increase the chances of them finally becoming a buyer. You might think that writing an email every day is excessive but from my personal experience it’s not. Instead of writing emails geared towards opportunity seekers, I should improve my craft of providing infotainment. A word I learned from a prolific list builder and marketer called Igor Kheifets. I follow Igor’s entertaining podcast but I’ve yet to fully understand how to infotain my list. Perhaps in the future I’ll get a chance to share an audience with him. For now however I think I’ll keep those emails loaded and craft better emails. I will let my subscribers, time and stats dictate what steps I should take to improve the results while keeping my subscribers less annoyed.

Quick Take Away Note About New Subscribers

My previous experience with list building has taught me that unfortunately a big percentage of new subscribers are “Freebie” seekers who enter their email out of curiosity to get something free. Most of the time the emails are unfortunately not real emails.

Although my email list is slowly growing I bet that not many are paying attention to my message. That’s fine for now as I plan to improve my prospect acquisition process. Swapping subscribers with other list builders is also not doing much good to my list as it’s increasing the number of the audience I don’t want. The practice will have to continue for now until I improve my funnel altogether. Otherwise I end up with a store that gets no visitors. I’d rather have visitors now then an empty store. The next step is to offer something appetizing.

Updates to Funnel

Not much has been done since the previous month. I have however focused on developing my story while providing some blog posts to lower skepticism and barriers. 

The first email gives away a bonus that describes the tools and method I used to build a massive email list. The content of this bonus report mostly comes from this blog post: “How to Build a List of 50,000 Subscribers In Less than 6 Months“. I plan to improve the bonus offer, so that means I need to learn how to write a good bonus report  that my new subscribers find  useful.

The second email contains a link to a survey. This survey is to get to know my subscribers a little better and was created in early February but it’s yet to be completed by anyone. That accentuates what I was saying earlier. Not many new subscribers are reading my content.

The following two emails invite my subscribers to read content on my blog. These blog posts are:  

Email number 5 is my first attempt at telling a story. Here I share what I was doing before I started building an email list.

I plan on continuing to develop stories about personal experiences as well as those of other inspired entrepreneurs. Then my emails will invite my subscribers to read them on the blog.

Finally What You Came Here For – The Income Report

This section will be surprisingly underwhelming. 

In the month of February I’ve acquired a total of 336 new subscribers giving me a total of 2,101 subscribers.

Now let’s go over the income generated last month:

JvZoo as a vendor: $0

JvZoo as an affiliate:$0

Cashnetwork: $4.30

Warrior+: $6.66

Total earned: $10.96


Aweber: $69

Hostgator: $9.95

LeadPages: $37

Solo Ads: $206

Total expenses: $252.95

Last month I earned $16.99 and this month it went down to $10.96. This is a rough difference of $6. Expenses where also roughly the same as the previous month.

Key Take Away

The results have been disappointing mainly because the funnel is not generating any sales. The PLR product I used to build my list the first time around does generate sales. I may decide to divert all my traffic to that product so I can build some momentum. 

I’ll be more comfortable swapping traffic with other list builders with that funnel as there is no emotional attachment with the PLR product, it would also be easier to develop a relationship with my buyers. Until next time.